Our story

Everything started by our common passion which is the healthy alimentation, homemade cosmetic and research of a more conscious consumption using mostly recycled, biodegradable and natural accessories.

The idea started from a podcast project where we wanted to share our lifestyle which has been progressing all along the years thanks to our personal experience and learning.

And finally everything got concret in October 2020! On the top of the Healthy Mini Box, we are sharing with you our experiences, our recipes and our lifestyle through our podcast HEALTHY MINI BOX, our Youtube videos and also on our Instagram page.

Who are we?

Eva is a positive and optimistic person. Strong by her past experiences in the creation and development of company, she is always looking for new challenges in adequation with her convictions. Very sensitive to sostenible development, ecology and healthy products, this project really matters to her. Being naturally dynamic and sportiv, addicted to good food, she found a healthy lifestyle as her way to live.

Laura, passionate about healthy cooking, studied macrobiotic, a philosophy coming from Japan, for 3 years. She is a macrobiotic and conscious nutrition expert consultant.
In spite of that, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying food and having as weakness the natural sweet flavors that bring softness in life.

For more information and details about us, we invite you to visit our ​blog.

Eva, a journey through diet readjustment

In my kitchen

I’m a food lover. For me, eating means pleasure first. I’m not the kind of person who eats for teh sake of eating or just snacks between meals. Cooking and tasting a good meal made of healthy ingredients, not altered, is real joy.

5 years ago, I decided to modify several food habits. At that time, I used to practice sports often but I couldn’t notice any considerable change in my body. Thus I realised that sport was not enough to get fit and I realized food was also the key to wellness. I started by a food rebalancing (for me, opening a can of ravioli and adding some cheese on the top before putting it in the oven, was the meaning of cooking for me in that time). I started to eat food with real nutritional value which could bring benefits to my body, cooking simple and healthy recipes. In the course of the time, I experimented with new flavors and cooked some more complex recipes.

My professional experience

Graduated in History and Heritage, I always had a side job while studying. That’s how I gained professional experience. This helped me grow and consider setting up my own business. Although history has always been a passion, I have never worked in that sector. However, I opened my own company at 26 and then sold it 4 years later. This taught me how to set up a business from A to Z. It was a very intense but wonderful experience that I will never regret!

Returning to the salary environnement, I got to experience new opportunities ike travelling with my husband and practicing languages. After living in Paris, I met Laura in Barcelona in the business travel industry. I directly felt we were sharing many common grounds like the positive attitude, the food and healthy lifestyle which led us to think to start a common project. Laura is a creative person, full of motivation and ideas. Our character and skills are complementary: that’s our strength!

My philosophy

My keyword is the positivity. Despite the trials or hard events in life, being optimistic is the key. A few months ago, due to some health issues I had to change some food habits. This has been an opportunity for me to discover and taste new flavours and recipes. It’s important to adapt yourself and keep up the smile, enjoy life and take care of yourself.

Laura, nutrition and macrobiotics to find a balance

Since I was a child I have always been a food lover. Food was always related to pleasure. I could say that I’m passionate about food and I a big appetite. For me, food tasting starts with the sense of the eyes, just like the famous saying says itself “you eat with your eyes first”.

I grew up with a rich and balanced diet but to be honest, my passion for cooking really started when I got to live by myself as a student. From then I started to cook my own food every day. That was not a big challenge to me in fact it was the opposite: I was enjoying it. That was an opportunity to express my creativity  by cooking whatever and whenever I wanted to. The diet I was following (fruits and vegetables, small quantities of animal protein, cheese and ham, refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, alcohol) was the one I followed until I was 25.

After a few months of travelling around the world, I got pretty sick and wasn’t able to heal myself for a long time and finally feel good again in my body. I could pretty much say this is where my journey to healing myself physically and emotionally started. I was trying to keep the same lifestyle and diet I was following before taking strong medicines but my body was reacting in extreme ways. I had a heavy digestion, I was often feeling pain in my stomach, I could not sleep well, my energy level was very low and I was unable to find an emotional balance. After consulting several conventional and alternative doctors and specialists, nothing changed. Until one day, I started to look for an alternative cooking class to learn how to nourish not only my body but also my mind, finding a balance between both. This is whenI found macrobiotics. I won’t lie, to be honest, it changed my life and gave me a purpose.

Since then, I decided to dedicate more time to macrobiotic philosophy, not only to learn how to cook but also to study the relationship between the body and the mind. I’m fascinated by the power of the food and its effects on the body, the importance of the role they play with each organ. After a few years of  studying the macrobiotic philosophy in its integrity, I learned how to listen to my body when it sends me signals and to be conscious and aware that what I eat is what I am.

For these reasons, I feel a need to share my knowledge and help people who need it and want it. If I was able to change my life, YOU can do it too!